Operational Service Process Intelligence (Part II)

Realize double digit % cost reduction next to comprenhensive cost control, increased client satisfaction.  Obtain actionable organisational and operational tuning capabilities in 3 to 6 Months.  
The approach :
    • Explore your, and your business partners, event data to discover financialorganisational and process improvement opportunities.
    • Become operational process intelligent using the historic, and scored (*) process execution, as reference base to match actual execution for correction ‘in-flight’.
      (*) Scored for wanted or not wanted execution
    • Support decisions using predictions on the outcome (cost or duration).  Create the basis for automatic action taking (based on Prescriptive analytics) 
    • Operationally and Financialy Monitor the directional effect (+/-) of the actions/decisions taken.
wodangroup.com, BDO Crossroad.be  provide the consulting & software integration services together with the liquid algorithms (*) to turn log data into predictive and prescriptive guidance to operators with real-time monitoring and ‘inflight intervention’ possibilities for management.
(*) liquid algorithms: embedding the most effective process and data mining algorithms in your current operational systems.   Liquid: switching/tuning algorithms on/off  is an iterative business objective driven process itself.